Commercial Translation

The concept of trade begins with human history. Today we can say that it has become almost synonymous with the concept of company rather than individuals. Trade has come a long way in the last century and today, more intensively, almost every part of the world has become a trade with each other. At this point, the translation factor becomes even more important. Bozok Translation has the equipment and capacity to meet your translation needs in commercial matters. Bozok Translation is ready to serve you for your translations in commercial matters with its expert and experienced translators.

Commercial Translation documents and topics include:

Agreements, Letters of Credit, Declarations, Documents, Balance Sheets, Applications, Purses, Transfers, Invitations, Various Documents, Statements, Documents, Invoices, Forms, Income Statements, Accounts, Statements, Tender Files, Tender Specifications, Decisions, Reports, Bids , Dries decisions, Sheets, License Manifesto, Trial Balance, Contracts, Consent, Policies, Plans, Patents, Projects, Official documents, Reports, Licenses, Certificates, Insurance documents, Circulars, Contracts, Specifications, MSDS translations, Contracts, Offers, Trade registry newspapers, Regulations, Assignments, Regulations, Correspondence…

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