Interpreting is a system that is translated during the translation from the source language to the target language and requires attention, knowledge, practicality and experience.

We provide translation services in the fields such as all your Business Meetings, Business Agreements, Commercial Meetings, Excursions, Symposiums, Business Meetings, Official Openings, Launch Meetings, Cocktails, Foreign Guest Hospitality and Accompanying, Business Meals, International Fairs and Excursions, Press Meetings.

The translators sit at the meeting table with the participants without using any technical equipment. Depending on the content of the speech, the speaker takes notes while the speaker is speaking for a few sentences or for a while. The speaker then stops and the translator repeats what is said in the other language. Interpreting is generally used in situations where simultaneous translation is not possible because the meeting is too short, technical, confidential or formal.

Bozok Translation provides interpreting services with its experienced and professional translators.

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