These are the translations including all subjects in the field of medicine as well as pharmacy and medical. Bozok Translation provides medical translation services with expert and professional translators.

Some of the Medical Translation documents and topics include:

Patient reports, Forensic medicine report, Analysis reports, Surgical report, Doctor report, Hospital report, Research reports, Scientific studies, Scientific articles, Scientific reports, Drug catalogs, Drug patents, Drug prospectuses, Drug introductions, Clinical report, Clinical trial, Clinical report Medical devices, Medical equipment, Medical product patents, Medical publications, Medical equipment, Patent applications, Prospectuses, Prescriptions, Reports, Health reports, Health certificates, Analysis results, Diagnosis, Treatment, Medical instruments, Medical documents, Medical device technical specifications, Medical device patents, Medical books, Medical reports, Medical congress presentations, Medical articles, Medical diagnostic and therapeutic devices, Medical product licenses, Medical product brochures, Medical applications, Medical and medical products, Expert reports…

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