Commercial Translation

Your documents with commercial content are meticulously translated by our certified translators who are experts in their field.

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Technical Translation

In technical document translation, technical translation services are provided in all areas with our staff of translators classified according to their field of expertise.

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Medical Translation

Translations of medical documents are carried out by our professional translators of medical origin.

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Legal Translation

Legal Translation is an area that is too important not to tolerate error. Our sworn translators, who are experts in legal literature, provide services.

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Literary Translation

Literary and artistic translations, such as literary, philosophical, tourism, history, art, art history, book translations, magazine translations, are made by translators specializing in their field.

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Academic Translation

Articles, research, reports, theses, etc. written in all branches of science translations in academic subjects are made by our translators who are experts and experienced academicians at the same time.

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Apostille Certified Translation

Regarding the documents to be used abroad, the institutions to be contacted may request that the documents be Apostille approved. In order to Apostil a translation document, it must be translated by a Sworn Translator and notarized.

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Simultaneous Translation

Our simultaneous interpretation service is provided by our experienced simultaneous interpreters who have advanced language knowledge and technical experience, have mastered the topics, diction is smooth, and have experience.

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Interpretation is a system that is translated from the source language to the target language during a conversation, so it is a job that requires attention, knowledge, practicality and experience. Professional service is provided by our interpreters who meet all these requirements.

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As a proofreading dictionary meaning; it is to make the necessary edits of the written text ready for publication by making the necessary edits. The service that requires expertise is provided by our professional team.

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Web Site Translation

Aware that your website is the showcase of your company, we translate it into the desired languages with the necessary technological, fictional and systematic infrastructure and experience and help it to appeal especially to international markets.

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After the audio and video recordings prepared in any language are deciphered and transcribed, their translation into the desired language is made. This service is provided by our translators who are experts in their field from all languages.

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Notarized Translation

Your translations are made by notarized sworn translators of each language. Our interpreters have Notarized Oath Records.

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