Simultaneous Translation

Simultaneous Translation is the service we provide for Conference, Seminar, Meeting, etc.

In simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter is in a special translation booth with soundproofing from the outside, with a microphone and headphones inside. The translator hears the speaker’s words through his headset and simultaneously translates them into the target language The translation is transmitted to the audience through the microphone. On an average working day of six hours, the simultaneous interpreter performs equivalent to more than 60 pages of written translation. An interpreter who will be able to translate simultaneously in a conference or meeting shall serve a maximum of 6 hours in 1 day in periods. Simultaneous translation is preferred in large and especially multilingual meetings.
As Bozok Translation, our simultaneous interpreting service is offered to you by our experienced simultaneous translators who have advanced language knowledge and technical experience, who are competent in their subjects and who have diction without any problems.

Interpreters cannot work alone in meetings over 1.5 hours. A second interpreter is appointed for meetings exceeding 1.5 hours. The working time of a team of two interpreters may not exceed 2 x 3 hours. In meetings with a total working time of more than 6 hours, interpreters work in teams of 3 persons. Interpreters shall have at least one hour of lunchtime.

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