Website Translation

With the developing technology, web design is a very important feature for the international promotion of companies in order to open up to the world and meet the standards. A professionally crafted website provides the first step for potential consumers to become customers of your company.

Also, as the popularity of the Internet grows, people of different nationalities and languages will start to access your site. If you have connections abroad as a requirement of the global economy, it will be inevitable to have your website translated into other languages, especially English, German, Russian, Arabic.

As Bozok Translation, we are aware of the fact that your website is the showcase of your company and we help you to design your site in a manner that has the necessary technological, fictional and systematic infrastructure and experience and to translate it to the languages you want, especially for the international markets.

Using the advantages of website localization

  • Increase your market size
  • Increase your global business potential
  • Enter new markets with ease and confidence.
  • Build credibility in the global market.
  • Your website is your window to the world.

A well-designed and content-packed website offers businesses and individuals around the world the opportunity to get to know your products and services. Research has shown that web users are four times more likely to trade in their native language. Because of this, web localization is undoubtedly the key to Internet marketing strategy.

When you decide to localize your website, it’s not enough just to translate. Web localization requires a complete conversion from a format to a completely different format. Written language translation as well as the necessary form changes, correct connections and cultural differences need to be adapted.

As Bozok Translation, we offer a comprehensive service with a team of expert translators, technical experts and professionals at reasonable prices.

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