Pricing is evaluated over 1000 characters (no spaces).
Counts will automatically appear on the word count tab in Word.
Unit pricing for each language may vary.
Pricing is based on Target Language.
At the end of the translation, the total amount is determined by the multiplication of unit price and the number of characters without spaces.
There will be no loss of both sides in this type of calculation. Therefore, unit price quotation is the healthiest pricing method.
For large projects, total pricing can also be made.
Customer expectation in a translation project is often a trio of fast, quality and cheap. The translation office, which can offer all of these together, is not much.
If it is fast, quality may decrease, if it is cheap, quality has already decreased.
In contrast, every translation that is expensive does not mean quality.
Speed and quality are usually related to the translator and price, whereas they are usually related to the translator and translation agency.
As Bozok Translation, we have the capacity to offer fast and high quality translations at reasonable prices.

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